Rubs & Marinades

= 30 mins. or less = PGA Favorite

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Basic Beer Mop .... An easy way to add flavor.
Basic Fajita Marinade .... To make great fajitas even better.
Brisket Seasoning .... From Chef Peter Rosenberg, Delicatexas in Kingwood, Texas
Garlic Rosemary Rub .... Simple yet delicious.
Italian Grilling Rub .... Simple rub with Old World flavor.
Lemon-Rosemary Rub .... Try this rub for a gourmet flavor.
Marinade for Grilled Beef .... Spice up your life with this recipe from Chef Michael Thomson.
Matt Martinez Steak Rub .... To make a good steak great!
Oriental Marinade .... When you want a touch of the Orient.
Ranch BBQ Spice Rub .... A delicious rub courtesy of Chef Michael Thomson.
Ranch Roasted Ribeye Rub .... Chef Tom Perini's favorite ribeye rub.
Rich and Hearty Marinade .... This marinade makes for a rich, beefy flavored steak.
Savory Marinade .... Easy to make marinade - great on steaks.
Southwestern Rub .... Only 4 ingredients make this an easy way to spice up a steak.
Spicy Beer Marinade .... An easy way to add flavor to your steak.
Spicy Dry Rub .... To make a week night dinner special.
Texas Signature Steak Rub 2000 .... This recipe, from Chef Kevin Williamson, was the rub competition winner at the 2000 Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival.
Texas Signature Steak Rub 2001 .... Our 2001 winner by Chef David Garwacki!
The Eyes of Texas Rub .... Superb on your Texas roast.
Traditional Rub .... Ingredients combine to make the perfect seasoning.

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