Known to the Japanese as Kurobuta or “black pigs”, the Berkshire breed of hogs has been recognized worldwide for it’s superior characteristics of tenderness, juiciness, and incomparable flavor. Berkshire meat is to pork as prime meat is to beef. In recent years, consumer demand for more economically priced proteins has increased production nationwide, shifting producers’ focus from quality to quantity. As a result, the quality of pork available to the consumer has substantially declined. During this time, the industry has overlooked the merits of Berkshire hogs. Premium Gold has worked diligently with select breeders to bring back this extremely high quality, delicious product. We believe you will agree that the effort has been worthwhile.

Why Berkshire Pork?

• Its quality and consistency are second to none
The Berkshire breed has inherent traits that make its meat not only marble better than any other breed, but also retain much of the moisture in the meat giving you a tender and juicy product every time. Berkshire Traits vs. Other Pork Traits

• Raised on small farms
Premium Gold Berkshire hogs are raised on small farms in the Midwest, where they are cared for in a manner that only a small farmer can provide. By keeping the focus smaller, the integrity of the breed and its quality traits remain intact.

We encourage you to experience our very own Premium Gold Berkshire Pork for the ultimate in old-fashioned pork tenderness and flavor.

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